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A note of thanks

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An email I received this morning from someone who happened upon my weblog and followed some of the links and news stories I’ve posted since the disaster - this one in particular.

Thank you!!! Your site let me know Dr. Halton made it through the hurricane. Any idea how I can reach him?

Many, many thanks!


You’re very welcome, Nancilee.

If anyone can help locate this Dr. Halton {Ed Halton} so that I can forward the information on to the lady who wrote me, I’d appreciate it very much!

Butler’s Run

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2nd Ave. Nashville, TN

“Butler’s Run is named after the owners’ dog, Butler, who during the remodelling took advantage of the opening of a walkway from one end of the building to the other, turning it into a dogtrot.”

Hospital Relief Efforts

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The AHA {American Hospital Association} is working with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other national and state hospital associations to help coordinate medical relief efforts for hospitals and patients affected by Hurricane Katrina. The agency will mobilize up to 40 250-bed federal emergency shelters to stabilize and provide basic medical care to hospital and nursing home patients evacuated from the affected areas, as well as individuals with storm-related injuries. Visit for more information.


Individual health care professionals wishing to volunteer their services outside the scope of their hospital or health system can find information and sign-up at This is being coordinated by the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General.

On a Summer’s Day

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Red hibiscus

The healing power of music

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Honestly, it’s hard to not feel guilty for having had a good time when so many people are suffering. I won’t get into a long-winded post about everything we did and saw. Suffice it to say that the trip was therapeutic and that music really does heal the soul.

Our first stop was the Music City Jazz & Blues Festival which was held at Riverfront Park. Part of the proceeds of that festival are being donated to the American Red Cross.


We stayed there for a couple of hours {the weather was perfect!} before heading on over to 2nd Avenue and our final destination of the evening.

B.B. King's Club - Nashville

I do want to recommend to everyone that if you have an opportunity to visit B.B. King’s Blues Club in Nashville, you really must plan to eat dinner there, too. The food was excellent as was the service, but it was the entertainment that kept us there long past our bedtime ;~)

B. B. King's - Nashville

For a good time, call…

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B.B. King's Blues Club Handbill

We’re back!

More later…I’ve got a wee bit of a hangover - my head’s going boom-boom-boom.


A shoutout to my waiter, Jimmy Buffet ;~)

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 135

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  1. Julie:: Andrews
  2. Emotional:: Rescue
  3. Head of household:: filing status
  4. Diva:: Diana Ross
  5. Devastation:: the Gulf Coast
  6. Business or pleasure:: trip
  7. Crown:: jewels
  8. Eastern:: seaboard
  9. Buzzed:: caffeinated
  10. Officer:: and a Gentleman

The Flickr Community Responds

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About Katrina Relief Auction

All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund to assist those tragically affected by Hurricane Katrina.

{I don’t have any prints to contribute of my own now, but I hope that many of you who visit Sugarfused will follow the link and help support this auction.}

Finally, some good news!

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Patients evacuate hospitals - {Charity Hospital, New Orleans}

Dazed patients evacuated the city’s hospital for the poor Friday with help from game wardens piloting fan boats and doctors in rubber boots and rolled up surgical scrubs.


“See how creative we got?” asked Dr. Edward Halton, an emergency room physician. “We ran out of stretchers so we started making stretchers out of tablecloths.”

Hospitals struggling to evacuate patients

A very different scenario seemed to have unfolded across the street at Tulane University Hospital, a private facility operated by one of the country’s largest for-profit hospital companies, the Hospital Corporation of America. Even before the storm, which flooded the hospital in 6 to 8 feet of water, the company began arrangements to rent 20 private helicopters from around the country.

By yesterday, the hospital had evacuated 200 patients and 1,100 relatives and employees. The hospital also flew in its own security force, satellite phones, food, water, batteries, and linens, said spokesman Jeff Prescott. He said that, on Thursday, Charity employees began bringing their 50 most critically ill patients across the street to Tulane, which evacuated them.

New Orleans Hospitals Evacuate {beware popup}

Rescuers finally made it into Charity and University hospitals and evacuated all remaining patients and staff.

“The last information I have is that all of the buildings are empty,” said Don Smithburg, head of the Louisiana State University hospital system.

‘There Was Real Heroism’

“…staff members carried patients on stretchers and on their backs through the water, and then up eight flights of stairs to the waiting helicopter.”{emphasis mine}

“Some of the staff didn’t eat or drink for days so the patients could survive,” he said. “Then they carried people to safety again and again. There was real heroism here.”

Of course, we all know that not everybody made it out alive. Help came too late for many.

My heart is relieved this morning to know that those patients and healthcare workers have been evacuated and are, hopefully, receiving the care they so desperately need.

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