Hospitals Pleading for Help


More on the status of the New Orleans hospitals…previous hospital news items linked here.

New Orleans Doctors Plead for Help

Knox Andress, an emergency nurse who is regional coordinator for a federal emergency preparedness grant covering the state, said it’s impossible to overstate the critical role hospitals are playing for people who remain in the city.

“They’re running out of their medications, they’re running out of money. They’re having social issues and where do they go? They go to the hospital. The hospital is the backbone of the community because the lights are always on,'’ he said.

When hospitals can’t take care of people and the rescuers need rescued, there’s no social fabric left, Andress said.

New Orleans hospitals face their own trauma

“There is no food in Charity Hospital. They’re eating fruit bowl punch, and that’s all they’ve got to eat. There’s minimal water”

New Orleans medical centers sound a code blue

Inside University Hospital, Jessica Lee, a third-year medical resident, was able to e-mail her longtime boyfriend, Jason Newton, late Wednesday afternoon, Newton said. “Gunshots and riots. Not safe,” she wrote.

Tenet Issues Update on Its Hurricane-Affected Hospitals

“Because local authorities have simply been overwhelmed, Tenet has taken upon itself to rescue our patients and our employees, and we will get this job done. I am very proud of the incredible efforts our people are making, drawing on every resource at our disposal.” {Good news!!!}


Charity Hospital Conditions Deteriorating Rapidly

2 New Orleans hospitals pleading for help

“We need coordinated help from the government”

New Orleans Doctors Plead for Help

“We have been trying to call the mayor’s office, we have been trying to call the governor’s office … we have tried to use any inside pressure we can. We are turning to you. Please help us,” said Dr. Norman McSwain, chief of trauma surgery at Charity Hospital, the larger of two public hospitals.

Where is the help, people??

“People are getting the help they need,” Brown asserted on NBC’s “Today” show.

Sorry, but I can’t respond to that without sounding like a smartass. I’m trying to see this from all angles and not cast judgment but it is very hard to do…

Help from Tennessee’s military

Bredesen announced that Tennessee’s military has launched relief assistance efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi. The state’s 118th Airlift Wing Tuesday transported emergency medical personnel to assist with patient evacuation from the Veterans Hospital in Louisiana, and 240 military police officers from across the state will assist with relief efforts in Mississippi. Additionally, a West Tennessee engineer battalion of 380 troops remains on standby for deployment to storm-stricken areas.

Mississippi hospital offers hope to survivors

“The plan did what the plan was supposed to do, but we never anticipated this kind of need”

Regency Hospital Company Poised to Help Its Own and Other Hurricane Victims

“We have nurses and staff who are true heroes here,” said Steve Laughlin, CEO of Regency Hospital of Hattiesburg. “They have worked around the clock without once lamenting their own personal situation, sometimes not even knowing the status of their own family members. They have put the needs of their patients first”

BCH nurses issue challenge to help with relief effort

Nurses at Bladen County Hospital have issued a challenge to all nurses in southeastern North Carolina to pledge $50 each to go to the relief effort to help the Gulf Coast residents impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

“We cannot physically be there to help our fellow nurses so we offer this Labor Day ‘Labor of Love’ challenge in an effort to do what we can to help,” said Sandra Taylor of Bladen County Hospital.

New Orleans Hospitals Getting Some Help

“We moved all of the babies out of Charity this morning,” said Keith Simon, spokesman for Acadian Ambulance Service Inc. {wonderful news!!}

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  1. Lori Says:

    Visit Lori

    Deb, isn’t it awful? I received an email fwd from a friends husband who is a Dr. in New Orleans at the Ochsner Clinic Hospital in Jefferson Parish helping with the medical relief efforts and he reported that some of the Dr’s there were being held at gunpoint by looters demanding narcotics. It’s very unimaginable and very sad whats going on in the world.

  2. deb Says:

    Visit deb

    Lori, it’s incomprehensible and it makes me very sad. I hope I hear some good news coming out of there today. It’s troubling what’s happening there - the guns, the violence - it’s too much to take in. Working in healthcare as long as I have and knowing some of what they’re facing inside because of the nature of my own job, it just really hits home for me. Kudos to your friend’s husband for helping out!

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